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Bound Kitten
Book 2: Kept

Kitten’s adventures continue.  She naps, she observes, she orgies. Is that even a verb? If it’s not, it definitely should be! 

With the death of her metamour, Anna finds herself with absolute freedom to create the life she wants with David. But what does she want?

Then, on top of it, she meets Charlotte, a beautiful, mesmerizing woman who captures her heart in a way that makes Anna question if she does want romance, after all. The sweet, the flowery, all the things her relationship with David is not.

Is it a betrayal for her to want both yin and yang? To want the light and the darkness? And, perhaps, Charlotte is not as sweet as she appears.  Anna must find a way to discover to be with both David and Charlotte— and to find out, once and for all, what she wants for herself.

Follow along and Kitten begins to build her tribe of kinky wanderers.

A Word From The Author

I started from a belief that I could be something different. I didn’t know what, or when, or even why. But I believed.

Today, I am a thirty something California born, Vegas raised sensual kinky Kitten. I writes romance, self help, and blog pieces— all with an understanding and appreciation of kink and so-called “alternative” lifestyles.

Frankly, I am tired of even good writing being tainted by assumptions of what love entails. I simply believe it can be….


Madilynn York
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

Complete Series

Bound Kitten

A kitten wandering the world finds home, love, and happiness in submission. Join her on a journey of discovery as her affinity for strong men, beautiful women, and yummy desserts inexorably leads to something more than a normal relationship.

“Submission takes many forms. Sometimes it’s strict, Gorean protocol. Sometimes it’s complicated “scenes” with rope, fire, wax and an array of scary-looking – particularly to the untrained eye – implements. It’s not always passive, but it’s not always complicated. Sometimes, it’s just eating a waffle with strawberry jam.”

So says Anna, a Kitten searching for home, love and happiness. She travels the Tarot cycle from the Fool to the Sun to the World – and along the way finds what she needed but could not initially put into words.  And finds that ties that bind are deeper than anything she has been taught.

What Readers Are Saying

“I just inhaled it.  Wow!”

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Anonymous Reader

Review on Book 1

“Finally! Ethical Non Monogamy gets its day in the sun!”

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Anonymous Reader

Review on Book 1

“Imagine 50 Shades, but with better writing, better characters, and less cringe!”

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Anonymous Reader

Review on Book 1

“Spiciness level cranked up to 11! Book 1 was a good appetizer, Book is is the main course!”

Anonymous Reader

Review on Book 2

Upcoming Book 3: Owned

Take one more spin around the Tarot wheel of fortune with Kitten. More naps, more irreverent observations, and orgies galore.  Now that she has found her tribe of wandering kinksters, travel to to destinations hot and cold, near and far, with Kitten and her polycule.

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